Alistair Bell

Alistair joins Just Journey with over 15 years of experience in the travel industry specialising in tailor-made holidays to destinations such as Australia, Asia, Africa, USA and Canada.

My passion for travel goes back to holidays as a child when our family got a taste for everything ‘stateside’.  Starting with holidays to Florida, we progressed to other parts of the USA such as New England, western USA as well as Canada.

The fantastic things that I saw and experienced have stayed with me ever since and have acted as a catalyst for me to explore as much of the world as I could with me embarking on a round the world trip upon finishing university.

On returning home I was keen to maintain a link with travel and I started working for a long haul travel company putting together tailormade holidays.  This allowed me to pass on my enthusiasm for all things travel to others and 15 years later I am as keen as ever to assist in creating the best holidays possible.

Working in the travel industry I have been able to feed my passion to explore the world travelling to places such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia and the Middle East. 

My favourite destination so far is been Costa Rica, a country that combines many of my favourite things such as incredible wildlife and incredible scenery, great people and a range of accommodation from rustic lodges to luxury resorts.

Another passion is sport and as a keen runner I have been able to combine my passion for travel with the challenge of running marathons and have been ‘lucky’ enough to take in the sights of Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Valencia whilst covering the 26 mile course in each respective city.

Away from the office spending quality time with my family and getting out into the great outdoors is a keen interest, taking advantage of the nearby Peak District and when time permits heading to our spiritual home, the Lake District.

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