Alistair’s Holiday to Bologna, Italy

Want to experience the true taste of Italy, head to Bologna, say Just Journey


Alistair Bell at Just Journey has just returned from exploring northern Italy and was taken by the culinary delights on offer in the city of Bologna.

The city itself is in central northern Italy, close to Florence and not far from Milan in one direction and Venice in another.

It provides visitors with an authentic Italian experience, from the red tiled rooftops and historic towers in the old town to the fantastic food.

Walking through the city’s narrow streets you get a real sense of its culinary prowess with eating establishments spilling out on to the pavements everywhere.   There are plenty to choose from and lots of deli’s selling meats, cheeses and freshly made pasta to wander into to get the taste buds going.

Bologna, as the name suggests, is most famous for being the birthplace of Bolognese sauce, known locally as ragu.

However, don’t be tempted to ask for a spaghetti Bolognese when there as tagliatelle is the pasta used to accompany this dish!

The city is also famous for tortellini and you can see it being made in the deli’s and restaurants as you walk around the city centre.

Many of the restaurants in Bologna are relaxed places to enjoy the local wine whilst sharing a platter of the local cheeses and cured meats and is a must do when visiting the city.

If wanting to experience the city’s famous ‘tagliatelle’ Bolognese or its tortellini you can be sure that the pasta will have been hand made earlier in the day.   All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced which only enhances the taste and experience of eating the most traditional and authentic Italian food you are likely to find.

To end your meal, there are also plenty of desserts to choose from, or visit one of the cities many ‘gelataria’s’ for some of Italy’s best ice cream!


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