Editorial from Nottingham IN magazine

“Once a year, go someplace you have never been before.” The Dalai Lama

Christmas is over and the coldest months are upon us.  Traditionally this is the time when people start to plan the year ahead, and the thought of sunshine, relaxing and eating even more food start to play on our minds.

Next comes the hardest part, picking a destination. Do we stick with what we know, or try something different? What if you could see the wonders of our planet, explore off the beaten track and still have time for a cocktail?

Here at Just Journey in West Bridgford we hope to inspire, create and provide excellent value to those precious couple of weeks’ holiday you have. Whatever you fancy,  whether it’s visiting your favourite resort in the Costa Del Sol, or meeting up with those long-lost relatives on the other side of the world, we can help you.

Why not consider a trip to South East Asia? Thailand is extremely popular but why not try somewhere a dit less trodden, Malaysia?  It’s got everything the modern holiday maker desires.  From the night markets of George Town, the relaxing beaches of Langkawi, and the most sensational Wildlife on the island of Borneo. The food is an assault on the senses, and the local people are genuinely pleased to meet you.  The local currency, the Malaysian Ringgit offers great value in the wake of Brexit and Malaysia is a great starting point to explore the rest of South East Asia. A great addition is a trip to one of the wonders of the world; Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

If Asia is a step too far for this trip we also offer some great deals on cruises in the Norwegian Fjords and if you’re looking for some warmth, why not try The Canary Islands, a perfect escape from the Great British Winter.