Just Journey’s tips for travelling with children

12 Top Tips for Travelling with Little ones


Here at Just Journey we understand the importance of both intrepid travelling and of relaxing sunshine holidays. When you have a baby things understandably change but one thing that can still remain is your passion for travel.


We took our daughter on her first adventure when she was just 10 weeks old.  We took an amazing 10 night trip to the USA including Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana. People thought we were mad to travel so far with a young baby but actually it was great, surprisingly easy and it really made us open our eyes to the possibilities of traveling with children.


It’s very easy to stay in that comfort zone and that new baby bubble, but by getting out there, exploring, trying different foods, and experiencing different cultures you soon realise that our world is still an amazing place!


Honestly if we can do it, anyone can. We tried to take advantage of the fact that if your child is under 2 then they travel for free or at a vastly reduced rate. Our daughter is now 2 and a half and has been to all over the place including Mexico, Thailand and The Canary Islands.


Here are some of our top tips for travelling with a baby and toddler:


  1. If you’re thinking of going away remember they must have their own passport, and cannot travel on anyone else’s. Apply for baby’s first passport before they are 6 months old. In the passport pictures they don’t have to have their eyes open, and that photo will last 5 years.


  1. Travelling with a very young baby on long haul flights is pretty easy. At a young age all they really need is milk, nappies, and a change of clothes (for you and your baby!)


  1. On most Airlines you can request a cot bed or bassinet. These are devices that clip to the bulkhead and your baby can sleep and stretch out. With British airways you can also request a toddler chair that works in the same way. Remember to ask your agent or airline on the size and weight restrictions before you go though.


  1. At the airport after you go through security you can buy formula milk and nappies, you can also take your own through security but you will have to taste it. A great idea is to do an online order at Boots and collect it airside at the airport. This way you know they will have everything you need.


  1. Remember to buy swim nappies before you go, quite often supermarkets here will have half price offers on, as usually in resort they are double the price.


  1. You can take your pushchair right up to the gate before you board and then it is stowed in the aircraft hold. Your pushchair will be returned to you at your destination at the aircraft door or on the baggage carousel.


  1. It’s a good idea to pack some snacks that your baby or toddler likes, as under 2’s will not usually get a meal on the flight, and snacks can be a good distraction!


  1. When taking off or descending for landing it is a good idea to offer your baby milk or a toddler something to drink. The sucking motion will help their ears pop.


  1. Toddlers love new things! If you are on a long flight it’s a good idea to produce new things to keep them entertained. To help prolong the excitement you could wrap the items in tissue paper. A small selection of things from the pound shops will suffice and it doesn’t matter if they get lost or left behind. Our daughter loves small hard books, colouring things (especially triangle crayons that won’t roll away), stickers and anything to do with a certain pink pig!


  1. If you have a tablet/smart phone then preload it with things the children like, Kids TV shows, apps, nursery rhymes etc. Also try and get them used to wearing childrens headphones before you leave.


  1. Try to relax. Babies, toddlers and children of all ages pick up on your moods and feelings. If you’re stressed they will pick up on it, if you relax so will they!


  1. And most importantly: Pack a camera or have a phone handy to capture all those amazing moments!



Travel is for everyone, young, old and everyone in between. Stay relaxed and enjoy making new memories. With little ones you see things differently and have to take things at a slightly slower pace, but in doing so you create memories that will last a lifetime!