Just Married? Just Honeymoon.

Just Married? Just Honeymoon.

My wedding anniversary is on Sunday (9 Whole years) and my thoughts turned to the 3 weddings I was lucky enough to attend last year. Love a good wedding.

As much as your big day is all about celebrating the two of you and ensuring you look the part and feel as special as you look, We all know a big chunk of all your hard work (and yes it is exciting but also hard work) will go into creating an amazing experience for your guests and the logistics that pull it all together.

All 3 weddings represented each happy couple perfectly and were very obviously a result of some fabulous and meticulous planning and probably a sprinkle of Bridezilla obsession to ensure the perfect execution of the best day of their lives.
I’m thinking of the exacting coordination of the various wedding suppliers- the make-up artist, the transportation, the photographer, the celebrant, the florist, the tailor, the venue, the jeweller and on and on and on and how it all came together to create 3 very unique and memorable experiences for me as a guest.

Brides and grooms of the world I salute you, maybe I am particularly in awe as my own wedding, amazing as it was, was a smaller and simpler affair with only a fraction of the coordination.

Although these special occasions were in 3 different locations, in different seasons and with different budgets and themes, the end result was the same -emotion, the warm and fuzzies and the creation of some amazing memories with some of my favourite people.
All this got me thinking about the similarities between wedding planning and honeymoon planning, for several reasons.

The first, one thing all 3 invitations had in common was the notion that it was enough of a gift that I was there on the big day but should I choose to, a gift towards the honeymoon would be very much appreciated. And so say all of us!

Your honeymoon is your reward for all that hard work you put into your wedding. The time for thinking of no one else but your newlywed selves, the time to sit sipping sunset cocktails in the sun while reciting each other’s Mr and Mrs monikers. No more planning for you.

Secondly, all my thoughts generally turn to holidays, I put it down to a combination of the side effects of 20 years as a travel professional and wanderlust.
That meticulous planning, coordination, research and logistics and all whilst putting your special guest’s experiences at the forefront of each decision, well that’s us tailor made travel specialists down to a tee.
Promise me one thing? Make time to stop and breathe it all in on your big day, take in all the laughter, the dad dancing, the fun, the happiness, the love. Because you created that.

We don’t get see the joy and happiness of the experience we helped to create (not sure you’d appreciate us tagging along on your honeymoon) so please share your memories with us.

We like to sprinkle on a fair amount of our obsession to add magic to your holiday of a lifetime and although we don’t say it out loud often enough, us in travel, we are quite a romantic lot and creating that memorable, unique Honeymoon experience for you gives us the warm and fuzzies too.


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