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Taj Mahal India

Just Journey was created to inspire, create and offer great value tailor-made holidays to the people of West Bridgford and the surrounding villages. It was created by Leo Ford, out of his disillusionment of the travel industry.

Leo Ford from Orston, Nottinghamshire launched his own travel company, Just Journey in December 2016, and it is already gaining popularity with the West Bridgford locals.

By not having the same overheads as the large corporations, and by not having to sell multiple holidays per day to survive, Just Journey has the opportunity to offer something different.

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The largest religious monument in the world.

They can spend the time getting to know their customers, and offer them the holiday that is right for them. They don’t sell off-the-shelf holidays, but craft the perfect journey.

Their aim is to be West Bridgford’s independent tailor-made holiday experts, and to give people a local option for booking their holidays rather than using the large faceless companies we all know.

The Wire met with Leo to find out more and asked him;

What is your favourite destination?

Ha, I get asked this all the time and each time I probably give a different answer.  I have been blessed by having some great travel experiences including zip-lining through the cloud forests of Costa Rica, camping under the stars in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India and seeing Orangutans in their natural habitat.

Thar Desert India

A line of camels mounts a rise in the Kanoi Sand Dunes, Thar Desert near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

But the one that always stands out for me was my first taste of travelling…China.  The people, the food, and of course the sights make it a spectacular destination.  These days with my young family, I keep it more simple and am a great fan of South East Asia. Again the food, the beaches and the value for money keep me coming back for more.  I’m a big foodie!

What would you recommend to a Gap Year student looking at taking their first long-haul trip?

I would say book yourself a round the world trip, get the flights in place and work the rest out as you go along.  Do an organised group trip to get yourself started, there are some great value tours out there where you can share a room, travel with a local guide and let the travel bug bite.  After that work if you need to and save what you can to make sure you can keep on journeying.

Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

From there I continued through South East Asia and onto Australia where I worked in construction for a few months before continuing the journey through the Pacific Islands and the USA.  The travel bug bit me well, and ever since then I have been working in the travel industry, over 10 years now!

Bangkok Floating Market

Bangkok Floating Market

What is popular at the moment?

Cruising, cruising, and more cruising.  I wouldn’t have believed it but people of all ages are asking me about cruising holidays.  Its great value and you get to visit multiple destinations with your bags all unpacked in your comfortable cabin. We have many to offer, the one I like the look of the most is the Alaskan Inside Passage from Vancouver or Seattle, which pairs up very well with a luxury train ride through the Rocky Mountains.

Alaska Cruise

There are bears to be seen as well as whales and lots of amazing scenery.  The best tip I have is don’t be put off by an inside cabin to keep the price low.  Yes, you lose the natural daylight, but the best viewing is done from the ships decks anyway.
Apart from that Mexico is very popular, along with South Africa as the value for money is very good there.


Where are you planning next?

My wife is choosing the next one, as I chose Thailand last time! And we are probably looking at a family holiday to Disneyland in Florida.  I have a little girl who is going to absolutely love seeing all the Disney princesses in real life.  I am currently working out how to make it the best value possible by making sure I make the most of the early booking offers including free dining packages.

What do you offer differently to your competitors?

I don’t really consider the other travel agencies on the West Bridgford high street as our competitors, they are excellent at what they offer.  If you are looking for a package holiday they are going to know much more than I do.  Although I can offer their holidays, I want to market myself to the more adventurous traveller, the customer who wants to go a bit further and experience some of this world’s wonders.


We are an independent company and we offer the same full financial protection of the big players.  Our USP is you can get to know us, and likewise we will get to know you. If you have any questions no matter how trivial you have your Journey Consultant’s direct number, so there is always someone to speak to (during office hours!).

What do you want to gain from your business?

All I want is to inspire people to travel, and for them to come back and tell me how much they enjoyed their trip, that is all the job satisfaction I need. Why not try combining relaxation and something different.


Travel through Costa Rica, then spend a week on the beach.  Take a train through Thailand, eat some really spicy street food and see the orangutans in Borneo all on the same holiday! Take that trip to India you have always fancied.  Let’s make some great memories and create some amazing journeys together.

Just Journey Sign


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