West Bridgford Wire:  East Midlands Airport Article

East Midlands Airport have recently announced several new routes for the summer season, and it got us at Just Journey thinking about the adventures you can experience that start with a flight from our local airport.

It’s now possible to reach most of Europe from East Midlands as well as further afield places such as Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Italy is particularly well served with flights to Rome, Naples, Pisa, Venice, Verona and Milan meaning you can get to its main cities as well as the lakes in northern Italy, the beautiful Tuscan countryside and the stunning coastline at Sorrento.

Italy is one of our favourite countries and a great way to experience more of the place is to do a Fly Drive holiday as this allows you to see more and get to the small and charming villages that are abundant.

A great itinerary would be to fly into Milan and have a few nights in this amazing city where you can marvel at the magnificent cathedral whilst enjoying a gelato in the sunshine.

From Milan, Lake Garda is a short drive away and a very scenic one too once you leave the motorway and head into the mountains.  Lake Garda is beautiful and is a great place to enjoy the water where you can hire a kayak and explore the stunning shoreline and for those more adventurous it is one of the best places in the world for windsurfing.  There are charming towns dotted along the shore where you can experience narrow winding streets as you go in search of pizza!

After Lake Garda you can head to Verona, made famous by the story of Romeo and Juliet and a must do when here is to visit Juliet’s balcony.  The city itself is very picturesque with the River Adige running through it and its many piazzas.  There is also the Roman amphitheatre, a smaller but better-preserved version of the coliseum in Rome.  And for those seeking a bit of culture, during the summer months, the venue hosts numerous classical operas and classical music concerts, a truly unique venue for such events.

Leaving Verona, it is a short drive to Venice.  Leave the car on the mainland and take a water taxi into the centre of Venice, an incredible place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.  There is a good choice of hotels to choose from but if you would prefer a bit of time by the beach, the nearby resort of Jesolo may be more your thing.  Here you can spend a few days relaxing on the miles of golden sand, where you can also take a boat into Venice for the day.

From Venice, you can reach Tuscany on the western side of Italy in around 3 hours and here you have the impressive city of Florence but also Sienna as well as Pisa as well the beautiful countryside and coastline.

It’s a great place for wine lovers with numerous vineyards open for tastings as well as taking in the rich history that is prevalent in this region.

The city of Bologna is on the way and it is well worth a stop especially for ‘foodies’ as it is the birthplace of many Italian dishes, particularly Bolognese sauce as well as tortellini.

After a few days in Tuscany you can return to East Midlands from Pisa, or if you want to explore more of Italy, Ro     me is around a 4 hour drive away and a little further south is the resort of Sorrento, the city of Naples and the ancient Pompei.



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